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Video Game Design: Special Needs Children – Grade 4:
These students were working on a unit on Animals. They needed to research one particular animal and decide on three important facts to include in their games. The students created their own artwork and did their own game development under our guidance. One discussion held with the students is called, “How to stop an adversary without harming the adversary.” In this unit, students were asked what foods would entice the animals. In the sample with giraffes, the player character throws leaves at the giraffes. The giraffes “eat” the leaves and stop moving towards the player.


Video Game Design: Collaborative Effort – Gifted Grade 5 with Special Needs Grade 5:
Each student team consisted of one student from the school’s gifted program and one student from a special needs class. Both students learned the game development concepts and worked on the game as a team. Artwork was created together. It was a very successful collaboration between the two student groups. Neither group dominated the attention of the other, and together created some terrific artwork and fun games.
Research on the Rain Forest was incorporated into each student game.


Video Game Design: Unit on Explorers - Grade 5: Lewis and Clark
Students studied a unit on Explorers. Each student researched their assigned explorer and created facts in the game which corresponded to their research. Students played each other’s games to obtain these facts and then completed a comprehensive quiz provided by their teacher.


Video Game Design: Middle School - High School
Breakout game teaches students to use the Game Maker click-n-build interface, while integrating advanced concepts of variables, actions, angles, timers and alarms, and how a programmer works with the rules of play in developing game concepts.


Video Game Design: Middle School - High School
Space Shooter: Students learn about 2-dimensional game play using artificial intelligence concepts, creating advantages for the player in the form of pickups and healthbar fixes.


Video Game Design: Middle School - High School
Road Racer: Students create a driving game with numerous addtional features and objectives, beyond just navigating the car through the course. Many different concepts and ideas are employed to create this game.


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